Vacuum Sewer system

Various pollutants in water are purified by an
advanced water treatment system to provide
clean and safe water that can be used for
various purposes such as drinking,
households, and industrial.

SolutionsVacuum Sewer Collection system

Vacuum Sewer System


This unmanned automatic system detects water level with no power supply, and collects sewage and
wastewater to the vacuum pump station using vacuum valve pike and vacuum line which are automatically
operated and then transfer them to the intercepting sewer or wastewater treatment plant.

Features System


  • The construction period is shortened and cost saved due to narrow and low excavation.
  • Vacuum valve operates without power supply and maintenance costs are low.


  • Pollution groundwater and land is prevented due to improved water tightness.
  • Leakage of odor from manholes and vacuum line prevented.
  • No need to clean the pipe due to fast flow

Applicable Area

  • A wide and flat area where the depth between the ground and the site where the pipe is located is deep
  • A soft ground area where the pipe is likely to ve sunk
  • A bedrock area where the building construction is hardly made
  • An area where lost of object are laid underground
  • An area where it is hard to maintain the minimum flow rate and the dredging operation is frequently made
  • An area where the wastewater source is located lower than theroad

System Process

While it is maintained vacuum inside the pipes, when the vacuum valve is opened and air flows in, sewage is collected using the pressure difference with the atmosphere.

Executed Projects

  • Hyundai Steel Plant

    Capa. (m³/h)

    16.0 Km

    Completion date


    Main Process

    Vacuum Transfer System

  • Shinkori Nuclear Power Plant (#3, 4)

    Capa. (m³/d)

    1.5 Km

    Completion date


    Main Process

    Vacuum Transfer System

  • Seocheon City Plnat

    Capa. (m³/h)

    14.0 Km

    Completion date


    Main Process

    Vacuum Transfer System

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